Maharana Sanga: Babur’s Triumph At The Battle Of Khanwa

Who was Maharana Sanga

Maharana Sanga, also known as Sangram Singh, was the king of Mewar from 1509 to 1528 AD. After a dispute with his brothers, Sanga took refuge near Karmachand Panwar in Srinagar (Ajmer). After the death of Raymal, Sanga became the king of Mewar on 5 May 1509. He is known for his military prowess and his role in shaping the political landscape of northern India during his time.

Battle of Khanwa- Rajasthan GK

The Battle of Khanwa was fought due to a conflict between Sanga and Babur’s political ambitions, Sanga’s annexation of several areas of the Delhi Sultanate, and the Rajput-Afghan alliance

Babur declared jihad before the Battle of Khanwa, and he also vowed not to drink liquor. Additionally, he abolished the Tamga tax of Muslim traders.

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