AP POLYCET 2023 Entrance Exam: Complete Information

The AP POLYCET 2023 Entrance Exam is an important exam for students looking to pursue a diploma in engineering or non-engineering courses in Andhra Pradesh. Learn about the eligibility criteria, exam pattern, registration process, and more in this comprehensive guide.

AP POLYCET 2023 Entrance Exam: Complete Information

If you’re a student in Andhra Pradesh looking to pursue a diploma in engineering or non-engineering courses, then the AP POLYCET 2023 Entrance Exam is an important step in your academic journey. This exam is conducted by the State Board of Technical Education and Training (SBTET) and serves as the gateway to various diploma courses offered in government and private polytechnic colleges across the state. We recommend buying your favorite toothbrush at super low prices with free shipping, and you can also pick up your order at the store on the same day.

In this article, we’ll provide a comprehensive guide to the AP POLYCET 2023 Entrance Exam, covering all the essential information you need to know about eligibility criteria, exam pattern, registration process, results, and counseling. Whether you’re a student preparing to take the exam or a parent/guardian seeking information for a student, this article will be a helpful resource to navigate the AP POLYCET 2023 Entrance Exam.

Eligibility Criteria For The AP POLYCET 2023 Entrance Exam

The eligibility criteria for the AP POLYCET 2023 Entrance Exam are as follows:

  • The candidate must be an Indian National.
  • The candidate should belong to the State of Andhra Pradesh as defined in G.O.(P). No. 646, Education (w) Dept., dated 10-07-1979 and its subsequent amendments.
  • The candidate should have passed the S.S.C. Examination conducted by the State Board of Secondary Education, Andhra Pradesh/ Telangana, or any other examination recognized as equivalent thereto by the Board of Secondary Education, A.P / TS, such as Central Board of Secondary Education(CBSE), Indian Council for Secondary Education(ICSE), National Institute of Open School (NIOS), A.P. Open School Society (APOSS), X class examination conducted by various State Boards of Secondary Education in India with Mathematics as one of the subjects.
  • Candidates belonging to NIOS / APOSS / OTHER Examinations recognized as equivalent to SSC by A.P. Govt. should have passed all the subjects including Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry, with a minimum of 35% marks in each subject.
  • Candidates who appeared or are appearing for SSC or equivalent examination being held in April / May-2023, and whose results are yet to be declared can also appear for POLYCET- 2023.
  • There is no age restriction for appearing for AP POLYCET 2023 Entrance Exam. However, for the maximum eligible age for obtaining a scholarship, the guidelines prescribed in Memo No.10537/SW(Edn.2)/2011, and issued from time to time by Social Welfare (Edn.) The department shall apply.
  • Mere appearing for POLYCET-2023 and obtaining a merit rank does not entitle a candidate to be considered for admission automatically unless the candidate fulfills the requirements laid down for admission.

Exam Pattern for AP POLYCET 2023 Entrance Exam | Syllabus

  • The exam will be 2 hours long and will have only one paper.
  • The paper will be based on the syllabus of Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry of Class X (S.S.C.) Examination, April-2023.
    • The mathematics section will have 50 questions
    • The physics section will have 40 questions
    • The chemistry section will have 30 questions
  • The question paper will consist of 120 questions with a choice of four responses for each question, with only one correct response.
  • Calculators, Logarithmic Tables, pagers, Cell phones, or any other supporting electronic gadgets are not allowed inside the examination hall.
  • The candidate will be provided with a specially designed Optical Mark Reader (OMR) response sheet to mark their answers and other relevant data.
  • The OMR response sheet should be handled carefully and should not be folded, wrinkled, or torn under any circumstances.
  • The candidates should not scribble or make any marks on the response sheet except to mark the answers and other relevant data at the appropriate place on the response sheet.
  • The candidates are advised to read the instruction sheet carefully before starting to answer the questions.
  • The question paper will consist of 120 multiple-choice type questions in three different sections with four responses given to each question, out of which only one response is correct.
  • Candidates must indicate their Hall ticket number on the Optical mark reader (OMR) response sheet.
  • Candidates must answer all questions as all questions carry equal marks and there is no negative marking for incorrect answers.
  • Before leaving, the candidates must return the OMR response sheet/answer sheet and can take away the question paper booklet.
  • The candidates should handle the Optical Mark Reader (OMR) response sheet carefully, and any violation of instructions will lead to the disqualification of the Candidate.
Mathematics SyllabusPhysics SyllabusChemistry Syllabus
Number SystemUnits and DimensionsAtomic Structure
SetsWorkChemical Bonding
Real NumbersReflection of LightAcids and Bases
GeometryRefraction of Light at Plane SurfaceCorrosion
Linear EquationsEnergyPolymers
Coordinate GeometryElements of vectorsWater Technology
PolynomialsRefraction of Light at Curved SurfaceSolutions
Surface Areas and VolumeKinematicsElectro-Chemistry
AlgebraCurved SurfaceEnvironmental Chemistry
MensurationModern PhysicsFuels
Quadratic EquationsFriction 
StatisticsSimple Harmonic motion and acoustics 
TrigonometryHeat and Thermodynamics 
Mathematical Modelling  

Structure of the Question Paper for Polytechnic Common Entrance Test

The Polytechnic Common Entrance Test for admission into various polytechnic colleges in the state consists of a total of 120 questions. The questions are of multiple choice type, and each question will have a stem and four answer options, labeled as 1, 2, 3, and 4. Out of these four options, only one is the correct answer, and the remaining three are distractors. The question paper is divided into three sections, and the marks are distributed as follows:

Section A: Mathematics (Questions 1-50) – 50 Marks Section B: Physics (Questions 51-90) – 40 Marks Section C: Chemistry (Questions 91-120) – 30 Marks

The stem for each question is given in both Telugu and English, and the distractors are also provided in both languages whenever necessary. To answer the questions, candidates must shade/darken the circle/oval on the Optical Mark Reader (OMR) response sheet provided separately for this purpose.

It is important to note that all questions carry equal marks, and there is no negative marking for incorrect answers. Therefore, candidates are advised to attempt all questions carefully.

Best of luck!

Application Fee and the Procedure for Filling out the POLYCET Online Application 2023.

The Application Fee for AP POLYCET 2023 Entrance Exam is Rs. 400/- for OC / BC Candidates and Rs. 100/- for SC / ST Candidates.

To fill out the POLYCET Online Application, follow the below guidelines:

  • Fill in the 10th Class Hall ticket No., Year of pass and Date of Birth first.
  • Next, fill in your name as per school records with one letter for each box. Remember to leave a gap between parts of your name.
  • Enter your father’s name and date of birth in DD MM YYYY format.
  • Fill in your address details such as House Number, Village / Street, Mandal / Town / City, District, PIN code, and mobile number for correspondence.
  • Choose the Examination / Help Line centers you wish to appear for.
  • Mention the area code to which you are local to Andhra Pradesh.
  • Enter your reservation category as BC/SC/ST and special category, if any (CAP/SP/PH/NCC).
  • If you belong to a minority community other than Hindu, fill in those details as entered in your school records.
  • Lastly, mention your willingness to appear for the examination in Urdu medium. Do note that examination in Urdu medium will be conducted only at Guntur and Nandyal centers.

Once you have filled in all the details, submit the filled-in application form along with the appropriate payment.

Admit Card For AP POLYCET 2023 Entrance Exam

Hall ticket is a crucial document for any examination, and it is the same for the AP POLYCET 2023 Entrance Exam. Here is what you need to know about the hall ticket for POLYCET-2023.

To obtain the hall ticket, you need to fill in the application form as per the guidelines. The operator at the help center will enter the data given in the application form and upload your photo and signature after scanning. If the data entered is correct, the operator will confirm it, generate the hall ticket, and issue the same to you.

However, note that printing of hall tickets may not be possible in the last few days due to the heavy rush, and hence it is advised to file the application early. You can obtain the hall ticket from the website http://appolycet.nic.in if you do not receive it, or you can collect it personally from any help center.

After obtaining the hall ticket, you should check it thoroughly, and if you find any mistakes, they should be corrected through the helpline center immediately to get a revised hall ticket. No candidate will be allowed to appear for the examination with incorrect data and photos on the hall ticket.

Remember that the hall ticket is not transferable, and any tampering with it will lead to the disqualification of the candidate. It is an important document and should be preserved carefully after the examination till admission into Polytechnics is completed.

Finally, to appear for the examination, you should carry the printed hall ticket and familiarize yourself with the location of the examination center. You can take the help of HLC personnel to know the route map to the examination center.

Registration Process For AP POLYCET 2023

Dates for Registration:

  • Commencement of filing of online application: 16/02/2023
  • Last date for filing of online application: 30/04/2023

Always Remember registering before the deadline is crucial for candidates appearing for any exam. It ensures that they have sufficient time to complete the registration process without any stress or hurry. Late registration may lead to complications such as technical errors, payment issues, or incomplete forms.

Moreover, registering early allows candidates to plan their exam preparation and schedule effectively. It gives them enough time to collect study materials, practice the previous year’s question papers, and clarify their doubts.

Counseling Process For AP POLYCET 2023

  • Notification: Soon after the declaration of results of SSC and AP POLYCET 2023 Entrance Exam, a detailed notification will be published in daily newspapers inviting students to attend for certificate verification and option entry.
  • Details: The details of web-based counseling and venues for certificate verification and option entry will be made available on the website https://appolycet.nic.in.
  • Certificate Verification: Candidates called on each day for counseling shall attend with all original certificates and documents for verification at any one of the designated venues.
  • Correction of Details: Candidates shall check the details such as local area, reservation/special reservation category, and sex printed on the receipt of certificates and get them corrected by the verification officer immediately.
  • Familiarization: Candidates will be familiarized with the web counseling procedure, and the relevant information regarding the seats available and college codes will be given.
  • Option Entry: Candidates have to prepare a set of all possible college-course combinations (called OPTIONS) they wish to join in consultation with their parents, teachers, and friends in the manual option form supplied. The order of options so prepared is to be entered in the web by login through a generated password. Candidates shall enter as many options as possible they wish to join to avoid the disappointment of not getting a seat.
  • Record Keeping: A printout of the options so entered shall be kept as a record for reference.
  • Freeze of Options: Options recorded on the last day of counseling will be frozen and will be taken for processing of allotments.
  • Seat Allotment: Allotment of seats will be based on a computer program considering the merit of the candidate in all possible reservation categories of a candidate, and the best possible seats among the eligible options will be allotted.
  • Allotment Order: Candidates shall download the allotment order.
  • Reporting: Candidates shall report at the allotted college along with the allotment order within the prescribed time.
  • Consequences: Candidates who fail to turn up for the counseling on the notified date and time, not reporting on time at the allotted college, or not paying the fee through challan will have no claim on admission into polytechnics.
  • No Guarantee: Calling for counseling does not guarantee a seat, as more candidates than the seats available, will be called for.
  • Empowerment: The Convener is fully empowered to disqualify a candidate seeking admission if the Admission Officer is not satisfied with the documents produced by the Candidate. The decision of the Convener is final in matters of granting a seat/rejecting a seat to a candidate called for counseling.
  • Cost and Stay: The candidate shall attend the counseling at their own cost, and if necessary, they may have to stay a day more at the station of Admission Camp as advised by the Admission Officer.
  • Selection: The selection of ST/SC/BC/CAP/PH/NCC/SPORTS candidates is subject to the clearance to be given by the respective departments during the counseling. Convener is not responsible for the delay in clearance in respect of doubtful caste cases.

In summary, the article provides information on the AP POLYCET 2023 entrance exam, including eligibility criteria, exam pattern, syllabus, and registration process. It also explains the web counseling process for seat allotment and admission into polytechnic colleges in Andhra Pradesh.

The AP POLYCET 2023 exam is an important milestone for students aspiring to pursue diploma courses in various fields. The exam provides a gateway for students to secure admissions into top polytechnic colleges in Andhra Pradesh.


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